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Upgrading Ruby on Rails: A Tale of Performance

Forester Vosburgh

At some point or another, most people will run into a web application that just seems bleh. Maybe it's because logging in or posting a form takes forever, the website frequently crashes, or maybe it's even because your data gets stolen. All of these issues can arise if the software running the website doesn't stay up-to-date with the dependencies it uses, and our Rigor Labs projects are no exception. Rigor Labs is a collection of free tools designed to help users find performance issues with t...

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Performance: Not A Finishable Feature

Landon Bennett

This week Peter Chamberlin (BBC) posted some great content about performance as a feature; I highly recommend checking it out. Ultimately, performance is a feature that can increase the metrics that businesses care so deeply about. Although this is true according to,  the key to getting your team and business as a whole to support the constant focus on performance is to first acknowledge a core truth: Performance is not a finishable feature. I actually stole that line from a tweet-storm on the topic, but it describes this so eloque...

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As a performance company, we're always looking for ways to incorporate performance into our development process. With the recent release of version 2 of Rigor Optimization's API, we've been exploring methods of automating some of the manual performance analysis we do as a team. While playing with the new API endpoints, it occurred to us: when we push new code, we automatically run tests to catch functional regressions. Why can't we do the same to catch performance regressions? When we push new code, we automatically run tests to catch function...

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