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What does The Simpsons have to do with web performance? Stay with us - it’s not that much of a stretch. When you’re looking to build a culture of performance, you often need to find a common language so you can talk to the business teams about what matters most to them. You’ll typically want to find a way to make a connection between a performance metric (such as First Meaningful Paint) and a business metric (Conversion Rate). But sometimes you want to think a little outside the box. Making a pop culture connection is a fun wa...

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Why Paint Metrics Matter to Your Business

Douglas Moski

At Rigor, we strive to help everyone in an organization be performance-minded. That’s why we offer reports like Performance KPIs and track User Timings so you can measure what matters to your business and have robust discussions across teams based on what matters to them. If you are familiar with open source performance solutions such as Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights, you probably understand the value in measuring user experience and paint metrics. Rigor’s analysis engine gathers and allows users to report on a host of additional key...

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