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The Transformation of IT/Operations

Racquel Downing

There have been huge changes in the Information Technology and Operations (IT/Ops) sector recently. Most have to do with the element of control exerted by various parties over the infrastructure required to deploy a website or app. This article covers changes in how IT/Ops teams operate, what these teams are responsible for, and the implications of companies merging their IT/Ops and engineering teams.As recently as ten years ago, IT/Ops controlled everything. IT/Ops teams’ responsibiliti...

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What is DevOps? Ask five different people for a definition of DevOps and you’ll likely get five different answers. You might hear a description of processes and workflows. Maybe you'd get an explanation of job titles ranging from software developers to other IT professionals. As is evident from the wide range of answers, there is no industry-standard definition or definitive step-by-step “how-to guide” for DevOps. Just like every company is different, every DevOps system is different. Each organization will...

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