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Upgrading Ruby on Rails: A Tale of Performance

Forester Vosburgh

At some point or another, most people will run into a web application that just seems bleh. Maybe it's because logging in or posting a form takes forever, the website frequently crashes, or maybe it's even because your data gets stolen. All of these issues can arise if the software running the website doesn't stay up-to-date with the dependencies it uses, and our Rigor Labs projects are no exception. Rigor Labs is a collection of free tools designed to help users find performance issues with t...

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Curl In The Cloud

Taylor Steinberg

A few weeks ago we started asking ourselves if there was a simple way to ping servers and check their functionality from the cloud. We found a few tools already available that provided bits and pieces of the tools we were looking for but nothing that provided us the abundance of information we were used to. Up to this point, we were using the cURL command line tool daily to check servers and perform simple request to check proper functionality. Naturally, we asked ourselves if we could build cURL in the cloud. For those of you who are not fami...

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