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Product Update: Notifications Improvements

Douglas Moski

We all know that performance defects can greatly hamper your user’s experience. While it’s better to catch performance defects before they are released live into production, this doesn’t always happen. When a performance issue is live, it’s important for the right people on your team to know as quickly as possible, so they can get to work fixing it. Monitoring notifications are crucial to responding to performance defects, because no one likes false alarms, especially in the middle of the night. At the same time, too few notification...

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Make the Most of Rigor with These Five Features

Victoria Williams

As technology becomes more complex and as systems become more fragmented, implementing digital experience monitoring and optimization initiatives may seem daunting at first. Digital experience monitoring is experiencing a culture shift from retooling workflow to become more agile and innovative. Changes in culture and process can also bring friction among teams as responsibilities shift and operational lines blur. The more you can automate the development lifecycle and the more efficiencies you can add into your workflow, the easier it will be...

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