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Which Performance Metrics are the Most Important?

Stephen Krauska

During an implementation call with a client few weeks ago, I was asked “What metrics should we optimize for?” It’s a question I’m asked regularly, so I decided to do some extra research into the subject and resolve it once and for all. From my experience working with customers to understand their performance problems, proven solutions I’ve seen work, and some help from the amazing #webperf hivemind on Twitter,  I came up with some solid answers for both this customer and the readers of Rigor’s blog. Read on below to learn about...

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Web Performance Metrics You Should Be Tracking and Why

Victoria Williams

One common question we hear from Rigor users is, "What web performance metrics matter? Which ones should I pay attention to?" While there are some universal web performance metrics that almost everyone should track, the metrics that matter most to you could vary based on your industry or business goals. Metrics are not "one size fits all." Some metrics go by multiple names. This article will define and explain some common performance metrics, so you can understand what metrics make sense for your team. ...

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Performance: Not A Finishable Feature

Landon Bennett

This week Peter Chamberlin (BBC) posted some great content about performance as a feature; I highly recommend checking it out. Ultimately, performance is a feature that can increase the metrics that businesses care so deeply about. Although this is true according to,  the key to getting your team and business as a whole to support the constant focus on performance is to first acknowledge a core truth: Performance is not a finishable feature. I actually stole that line from a tweet-storm on the topic, but it describes this so eloque...

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