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Why Web Performance Matters for Marketers

Stephanie Elsesser

Around this time each year, a number of online retailers and marketers are impacted by high profile outages and website glitches. So, if you think that the performance of your website is just something for the tech team to worry about, let this serve as your reminder to think again. Slow website performance increasingly impacts companies’ ability to translate their marketing budget into qualified leads and online sales. Fortunately, marketing managers and directors are increasingly tech-savvy. Even those who have non-technical backgroun...

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Optimizing for Performance Wins

Hanna Woodburn

As a marketer, data is the lifeblood of much of my work. It provides insight into our users, helps us identify what content is most useful, and creates internal transparency about our communications efforts. My love for data is shared across Rigor, so when our COO posed the question “What are our most useful blogs?” I couldn’t resist digging in deeper. To determine which blogs were the most useful, I looked to key visitor metrics, such as pageviews and time spent on page. Theoretically greater...

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