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Powering up Rigor’s Test Check

Billy Hoffman

Today Rigor is launching a new workflow for testing checks that is faster, easier, and more comprehensive. While improving how users can test a check sounds boring and unsexy, it actually provides a ton of value.Why? Simple. Customers get more value out of performance monitoring when they have more comprehensive checks. For example, monitoring the performance of an entire checkout process is often more valuable than just testing a single page. Similarly, monitoring and alerting with different types of thresholds and assertions, such as star...

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Today we are excited to announce 5 new locations to our global monitoring network, including our first locations ever in India and in Canada! The new monitoring locations are: Mumbai, Montreal, Italy, The Netherlands, and Ohio.In the last 8 months, Rigor has nearly doubled the number of testing locations in our monitoring network.In today's highly connected world, website traffic can come from anywhere at any time. With these new global locations, Rigor enables website owners to track critical performance metrics from regions ar...

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