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Catch Performance Bugs in Continuous Integration

Melanie Crissey

Last night I was having a beer with a web developer who works for a SaaS company here in Atlanta. Naturally, we ended up talking about web performance and workflows. “How do make sure your homepage stays fast when you make design changes or add new tags?” “Well, we have a tool in our CMS that automatically optimizes images when someone uploads them. We automatically concatenate JavaScript in each build. And, we have a number of tools that check for things like broken JavaScript, problems with Ruby, or problems with our static site frame...

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At Rigor, business teams and developers often ask us, "How often should we run reports to look for performance optimizations?" or "How can I integrate optimization into our existing workflow?" From talking with teams who've found success, we've learned that performance optimization is almost never a one time project where you find all the optimizations available, fix them, and call it a day. Websites are being updated often, sometimes even several times each day. And when those updates happen, it's ideal to treat performance defects like...

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