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The Transformation of IT/Operations

Racquel Downing

There have been huge changes in the Information Technology and Operations (IT/Ops) sector recently. Most have to do with the element of control exerted by various parties over the infrastructure required to deploy a website or app. This article covers changes in how IT/Ops teams operate, what these teams are responsible for, and the implications of companies merging their IT/Ops and engineering teams. A Very Brief History of IT/Ops As recently as ten years ago, IT/Ops controlled everything. IT/Ops teams’ responsibilities included (but w...

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From IT/Ops to DevOps With the move away from having dedicated, in-house Information Technology and Operations (IT/Ops) processes in favor of cloud computing comes the rise of DevOps. You can think of DevOps as a mashup between engineering and IT/Ops. Despite its relatively new status in the tech world, there have been many changes in its landscape. This article will cover some of those changes and what they mean for those who produce apps and sites today. From IT/Ops… As recently as ten years ago, IT/Ops owned and controlled nearly 100% o...

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Digitization of IT

Jennifer Carlson

Digitalization: Its Effects on Business and IT As consumers continue to push for the ability to do more of their business online, modern companies are forced to evolve and adapt their business strategies in order to remain relevant. More often than not, these adaptations are much more than simple shifts in marketing direction and product development. In fact, in addition to replacing old, outdated technologies with cutting-edge options, many companies are completely reworking their operating cultures and procedures; they do this in order to cr...

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