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New Datadog Alert Integration

Chapman Lever

One of the most popular customer requests in Rigor's Idea Exchange is tighter integration between our alerts and third-party services. To help facilitate this, we introduced Alert Webhooks in 2015, which allow you to notify an API endpoint when a Rigor check fails. This is a critical feature, since organizations need to react quickly to problems in production, and the best way to ensure someone sees an issue is to push those alerts and notifications into the systems or workflows a customer uses. With our custom Alert Webhooks, you have a...

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Integration: The Key to Successful Work Flows

Victoria Williams

Your monitoring solution can be pretty useless if you can’t integrate it into your workflow in a meaningful way. To keep end users happy and to prevent performance slowdowns from reaching production, you’ll need to evolve the way you think about performance regressions. Just like functional regressions, they’re bugs that you need to identify early – before they affect end users and become costlier to fix. Continuous Integra...

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