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Why Web Performance Matters for Marketers

Stephanie Elsesser

Around this time each year, a number of online retailers and marketers are impacted by high profile outages and website glitches. So, if you think that the performance of your website is just something for the tech team to worry about, let this serve as your reminder to think again. Slow website performance increasingly impacts companies’ ability to translate their marketing budget into qualified leads and online sales. Fortunately, marketing managers and directors are increasingly tech-savvy. Even those who have non-technical backgroun...

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Managing Third-Party Services

Melanie Crissey

Third-party tools and scripts can serve a number of functions. On Rigor's marketing website, we often add scripts for third-party services that can help us measure or draw attention to specific campaigns. Unfortunately, we don't always follow best practices for managing the presence of these scripts. Sometimes scripts can go overlooked, which can ultimately impact the performance and user experience of our marketing site. In this blog post, we'll walk through how Rigor's Marketing Team uses Rigor Monitoring and Optimization to audit and mana...

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With the addition of the Mute option, we have another useful, user-submitted feature request become a live feature in Rigor. The Mute option is a simple feature that suppresses Alert Notifications for active Checks. When the Mute option is activated, the Check will continue to run like normal, populating reports, creating Alerts upon failure, and keeping track of SLAs like, but without the notifications arriving in your inbox. To use the Mute a Check: Access the Advanced configuration tab in any Create or Edit Check screen Selec...

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