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Optimization. It’s been a hot topic among developers for a while and now it’s making its way onto agendas in the boardroom as key stakeholders begin to realize the relationship between performance and their company’s bottom line. But what exactly is optimization and why should companies care about maximizing it?Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different definitions of “web optimization,” but most of them will probably focus on search engine optimization. Search eng...

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Image Optimization and Response Time

Melanie Crissey

Image optimization helps pages load more quickly. Across the web, developers refer to image optimization as the "low-hanging fruit" because it's an obvious, relatively easy performance problem to solve.For example, when searching for "image optimization" I quickly stumbled on this quote, highlighted in a KeyCDN post: On occasion I see people focusing on web optimization techniques that offer only modest gains—back-end script execution time, for instance—while ignoring low-hanging fruit like image optimization or even choosing the best...

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The Optimization Tools Rigor Uses

Billy Hoffman

People often ask what optimizations tools Rigor uses internally when optimizing content, or why our root cause analysis product Zoompf flags a piece of content as unoptimized. While I wrote about comparing PNG optimizers several years ago, I thought it would be helpful to explain what tools we use detecting unoptimized content.Keep in mind these tools wouldn't necessarily create the smallest possible optimized content. Performance tools often have a trade off between time, CPU, and resource usage, and how small the output file is. Some tool...

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Optimize Your Holiday Image Inventory

Chapman Lever

Over the years various researchers and organizations have released tons of stats and case studies that correlate site latency with diminished revenue. The question no longer is "does performance matter?" Instead, the question is has become "how do I make my website faster?"I have written a few blogs detailing technologies and techniques that retailers can use to improve the performance of their websites and web applications. Today, I want to address a very specific problem that will solve, or at least drastically improve, poor performan...

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