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Redirection occurs any time your user attempts to load a page with a given URL but is instead sent to a site that uses a slightly different address. There are many reasons why you might consider redirection: The original site has moved, and you want to send the user to the most current location You want to track clicks and log pages that refer users to your site/sites You want to reserve multiple domains You want to secure the information you are sending and receiving by switching from HTTP to HTTPs However, there may be case...

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Top 10 Blogs of 2016

Victoria Williams

Rigor created a ton of blogs and Web Perfectionist videos in 2016. We focused on a wide range of web performance topics that helped make your sites faster and your processes better. As we kick off 2017, let’s take a moment and review our 10 most popular blogs from last year. MP4 is now the standard format for all online HTML5 video. Although videos are content gold, they can often make your site heavy and slow. In Optimizing MP4 Videos for Fast Streaming, we...

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Monitoring APIs with Authentication

Melanie Crissey

With the rise of microservices and connected systems, more and more data is being based back between services using APIs. Authentication for an API defines who has permission to access secure data or endpoints. This is especially important for APIs sharing sensitive information, APIs that allow end-users to make changes, or for companies that charge some cost for accessing data via API. And while securing an API for an individual human end-user is one undertaking, there are additional considerations as we authenticate systems for an increasi...

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Web Perfectionist 101: HTTP Compression

Jennifer Carlson

HTTP Compression is the topic of this week's Web Perfectionist 101 series episode.  Learn quick fixes in this video guide.  Want to address your HTTP compression? Start your Rigor trial today! Watch below or click here.

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When it comes to troubleshooting or singling out points of failure on a website, one of the most helpful tools in the Rigor application is the waterfall chart. Waterfall charts show you which resources are being loaded onto the page, and how long each resource takes to load. Assuming that you already have a basic understanding of how to read them, let's take a look at some of Rigor's filtering options for waterfall charts. ...

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