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How To Get Your Website Holiday Ready

Billy Hoffman

As the holiday shopping season seems to inch closer and closer to Halloween, online retailers need to prepare for a surge of shoppers sooner rather than later. Ensuring that your website is fast and reliable is critical for online retailers who hope to capture their share of the estimated $129 billion that will be spent online during the holiday season. To get your website ready for the holidays, you'll want to plan ahead. Here's how. You likely are launching frequent updates to your s...

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The addition of images and JavaScript interactions to a website often improves site usability and increases the site’s visual appeal. From a performance standpoint, however, additional scripts and images translate into more requests, increasing page load times and hurting site performance. Looking at the data captured by HTTP Archive, we can see that the use of JavaScript and images has increased dramatically over the past year. Compared to June 2011, the average size of scripts per page in June 2012 had grown by more than 53%, from 128 kB to...

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Monitoring Infrastructure Externally

Craig Hyde

  External monitoring is often associated with managing the front-end of applications, however, given proper configuration, it can also be a powerful method to monitor back-end infrastructure and service components. With a web application, when a page is rendered to the user, it is typically comprised of data from multiple sources, which converges together at the users browser. Thus, by measuring specific components on the front page, we are able to understand how the back end tiers are performing. ...

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