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Which Performance Metrics are the Most Important?

Stephen Krauska

During an implementation call with a client few weeks ago, I was asked “What metrics should we optimize for?” It’s a question I’m asked regularly, so I decided to do some extra research into the subject and resolve it once and for all.From my experience working with customers to understand their performance problems, proven solutions I’ve seen work, and some help from the amazing #webperf hivemind on Twitter,  I came up with some solid answers for both this customer and the readers of Rigor’s blog. Read on below to learn about...

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The GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) format was developed in 1987. Due to its simplicity, the widespread support for this format, and the ease with which it can be used to stream video clips, the GIF format is the oldest file format still commonly used today. This frame animation feature of GIFs ensures that the format remains popular, despite the rise of JPEG and PNG images.In spite of their popularity and ubiquitousness on the Internet (especially with regards to animated GIFs), GIFs are not the most performant of image options. If you a...

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Foundations of Faster Websites

Victoria Williams

At the same time that more and more people are transitioning to mobile devices that run on slower networks, users are expecting to see better sites running quickly and efficiently. The costs, both monetary and otherwise, resulting from performance issues relating to your site are high, and legacy techniques aren’t necessary sufficient to solve the issues you’re facing. It can be hard to know where to start in terms of speeding up your site, so this article discusses ten different techniques you can use to improve your pages’ performance...

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