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Memorial Day is both somber and celebratory. Dedicated to remembering those who have fallen while serving in the United States military, Memorial Day also marks the unofficial kickoff of summer.One of the highlights of this three-day weekend is the sales, especially on seasonal items, such as barbecue grills, outdoor furniture, and other summertime mainstays. Regardless of what you’re selling, Memorial Day weekend has the potential to be a busy day for online sales, so here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your site performs well d...

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Holiday Shopping Week: Performance Review

Melanie Crissey

Holiday shopping week is game time for web performance teams at eCommerce companies. While the holiday shopping season seems to start earlier and end later each year, we still see concentrated web traffic during big promotions throughout the week of Thanksgiving and into the beginning of December. It’s critical that sites perform well under load and in conjunction with high cost advertising and promotions.This year Rigor ran proactive monitoring tests to watch the uptime and availability of...

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Today is the first day of December. Holiday shopping is in full swing. Black Friday, the most highly anticipated shopping day of the year, is behind us. This year, one of the trends receiving a lot of attention is the lengthening of Black Friday deals and the ever-creeping holiday shopping season.In the 1950’s, Black Friday began as a shopping phenomena. Large numbers of tourists heading into cities ahead of Saturday football games would squeeze their holiday shopping on the same trip. Some cities...

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