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Measuring and optimizing for user experience is the future of web performance. Existing metrics like DOM Content Loaded and Onload Time are giving way to user-centric metrics such as visual timings and user timings. But do they ‘paint’ the whole picture? The older metrics and methods provide some useful insight, but to better serve users on the modern web we have to start looking at page ‘interactivity’. Interactivity metrics can provide insight and uncover blind spots not...

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How To Get Your Website Holiday Ready

Billy Hoffman

As the holiday shopping season seems to inch closer and closer to Halloween, online retailers need to prepare for a surge of shoppers sooner rather than later. Ensuring that your website is fast and reliable is critical for online retailers who hope to capture their share of the estimated $129 billion that will be spent online during the holiday season. To get your website ready for the holidays, you'll want to plan ahead. Here's how. You likely are launching frequent updates to your s...

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