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Google Lighthouse vs Rigor

Billy Hoffman

As companies become more aware of the importance of web performance, internal teams begin to research tools they can use to use to track their metrics and improve the user experience of their websites and applications. One free tool has become prominent in the space - Google Lighthouse - and one question often bubbles up: "I use Google Lighthouse for one-off snapshots of my site's performance, so why do I need a performance monitoring solution?" However, there's a better question that could be asked here: "When is a free tool like Google Lig...

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With so many different metrics available to measure dozens of different aspects of a web page, it can be a struggle to know how best to quantify that page’s overall web performance. In this post, we discuss why there are so many metrics, explore what is "the best" metric, and discuss how you can use the Google Lighthouse Score to better your own performance. In the early days of performance monitoring, there were far fewer metrics than we have today. As our understanding of web performance ma...

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