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Four Ways to Make the Most of Your SaaS Trial

Stephen Pyles

If you’ve ever purchased a car you know the process can be overwhelming. Scanning across the grand expanse of the dealership, the options seem endless. To evaluate your options, you might ask things such as, “What do I need to do with the vehicle? What would be the best option for me based on my price point? Which car has better gas mileage?” Customers go through the same process when selecting software vendors. Which SaaS solution will provide the best ROI? What platform can we adopt that will bring the most value to our team? Selecti...

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When having discussions with clients and prospective clients in the marketplace the inevitable question comes up: Where does Rigor sit on the application performance management (APM) spectrum? There are many different ways that I can navigate to answer this, but it can be difficult to explain unless I fully understand the technology background of the person asking the question. When I first joined Rigor, I asked the same question and for a long time I was told that we were a "front-end monitoring solution." Now that was all well and g...

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