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I recently was asked the following question by an online retailer: “Why should I invest in monitoring the user experience when I already have monitoring for our database, infrastructure, app server, and network?”In my head I am thinking, “How have you allocated so many resources to monitoring your tech stack, but not your actual customer experience??”Instead of asking that question, I asked them this: “Are you a network or hosting provider? Or are you an eCommerce retailer?” They quickly understood my point.The above in...

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The digital world is quickly engulfing every business and industry. Users at minimum now expect that their initial interactions with a business will be through a digital channel.As a result, we’ve seen the technology world evolve to meet ever-increasing expectations of consumers. New front end languages built to leverage modern browser technologies, such as Node-Js, are now in vogue. We’ve seen the proliferation of cloud infrastructure that can handle extreme scaling, and we’ve seen businesses eschew traditional waterfall development...

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What type of monitoring is best for you?

Victoria Williams

Gone are the days of colossal self-contained, stand-alone applications and singular business processes. Whereas once developers had to spend days and weeks writing functionality into an application, now they can quickly integrate functionality using a host of APIs (application programming interfaces) and microservices that enable them to create systems that are more flexible, modular, and easier to maintain. Let’s not forget about the Internet of Things (IoT), where the end user might even be your refrigerator or your car. According to St...

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