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First impressions matter, both for in-store and online shopping experiences. Because of this, you need to design your site to be aesthetically pleasing and to make a positive impact from the get-go, otherwise you’ll lose a large portion of your customers before they even start browsing your product pages. However, if you don’t also have an intuitive, easy-to-use layout, you’ll quickly lose your remaining customers. This post will cover several areas where these improvements can lead to big wins for your business. In an increasingly co...

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Mobile Responsive Websites Matter for Web Performance

Victoria Williams

The number of users accessing the Internet with mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is skyrocketing. As more users come to your site via mobile, it's vital to optimize your display for smaller screens to create a mobile responsive website. While mobile-friendly sites were once a novelty, such designs are essentially mandatory today. Search engines are requiring mobile optimization. Google is famous for penalizing sites that aren’t mobile-friendly by lowering their PageRanks. Therefore, it is crucial for your site to perform...

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On November 2nd the Rigor team enjoyed hosting 9 young women from the WIT Girls group for a fun night at Atlanta Tech Village. The focus of our workshop was Designing with Web Performance in Mind.   First, we learned why web performance is important. Businesses need websites to be fast so they offer great experience for visitors, but other types of websites also need to be fast and optimized, too. It’s important that visitors can get critical information when they need it, and we also want to help our mobile visitors save data....

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