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At Rigor, when we talk about building a Culture of Performance we mean both digital performance as well as “people” performance. Having great people who are aligned and inspired (or a lack thereof) can impact your digital properties and revenue as much as the insight from your digital performance tech stack. We understand how important people are. It’s why we help our customers track and quantify performance wins, why our number one Core Value is #CustomerFirst, and why we focus so much on building a positive culture. Because we’...

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7 Takeaways from Velocity NY 2016

Melanie Crissey

Last week I enjoyed the opportunity to attend O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference in New York with the team from Rigor. If you’ve never been to Velocity before, I can tell you that a fellow attendee summed it up accurately as, “[Your] brain feels sore, like [your] jaw after the dentist -- from keeping it wide wide open so tons of stuff can be shoved in it.” When the conference wraps up, all of the new information is still settling in. After having the weekend to process, here are the things that stuck in my mind as important takeaway...

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