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Today is the first day of December. Holiday shopping is in full swing. Black Friday, the most highly anticipated shopping day of the year, is behind us. This year, one of the trends receiving a lot of attention is the lengthening of Black Friday deals and the ever-creeping holiday shopping season. In the 1950’s, Black Friday began as a shopping phenomena. Large numbers of tourists heading into cities ahead of Saturday football games would squeeze their holiday shopping on the same trip. Some cities...

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Improve User Experience with Web Performance Data

Melanie Crissey

Web performance data can help us identify bottlenecks or issues within user flows. We can use this data to take action to improve a user flow to meet project success criteria or other key performance indicators (KPIs). In a previous post How to Write Tests to Monitor User Flows, we covered: A checklist of items to consider before building a test, including defining success criteria How to technically create a user flow test in a web performance platform What settings you should enable when running a user flow test In this post...

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Making Performance a Priority

Chapman Lever

Engineering for performance is hard. This is because "performance" is rarely the priority for an engineer. Engineers are often tasked with building or maintaining software that does something or achieves some binary or testable purpose. Jim, we need to build a web application that enables our users to view their account balances, deposit checks, and facilitate transfers between accounts. From an engineering perspective, Jim knows the purpose of the application. The purpose is to allow users to "view banking information, deposit checks,...

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