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What is Continuous Performance Management?

Victoria Williams

The worst time to learn that a business-critical performance metric depreciated is once a release is in production. Poor site performance can lead to losses in conversion rates and sends frustrated users running right to your competitors. The earlier you can detect a problem, the easier it is to resolve.In today’s world, the ability to build fast apps or experiences is no longer a competitive advantage – it’s an expectation. Now the advantage is to build fast experiences faster than every...

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Building fast apps and experiences aren't the exception anymore, it's the rule. Integrating continuous performance into your processes allows you to build those fast experiences faster and can provide a competitive advantage. As the industry establishes a more fast-paced environment, it's vital for your team to adjust its operations to save time and money. With continuous development and deployment, developers have greater control and visibility into defects, enabling them to remediate any potential issues before launch. To learn how to dev...

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