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As continuous integration and continuous deployment/delivery become everyday terms in software development and the DevOps world, it’s useful to define what they mean and clarify what each concept includes (and doesn’t). What Does Continuous Mean? While the word “continuous” evokes the image of software that is updated with changes coming down the development pipeline around-the-clock, this is not the case. What it typically does mean is that changes are pushed frequently, usually every twenty-four hours or so. Though this is a far c...

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Continuous Delivery, an Introduction

Jennifer Carlson

Overview For many development teams, the process of releasing software to end users requires a significant time investment to ensure high levels of quality and functionality. This is true for software releases in nearly all industries when following a traditional software-release schedule. However, there’s another release option that provides users with access to software faster without sacrificing quality. This option, a software-engineering approach known as continuous delivery, streamlines the release process, allows for user feedback to...

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