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If there’s any doubt in your mind about the importance of a speedy, well-functioning mobile site for your online business, consider the following: As of June 2016, more people made their purchases online instead of in a brick-and-mortar store. As smartphones and tablets become ubiquitous, more and more eCommerce activity occur on mobile devices. Site performance is strongly correlated with customer satisfaction, which influences things like brand perception, customer loyalty, and ultimately, conversion rates. With that said, wha...

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An In-Depth Guide to Google’s PageSpeed Insights

Victoria Williams

When developing or managing a website, it’s important to know how your website is performing on both desktop and mobile devices. Your site’s performance can determine your search engine ranking and can provide insights on user experience. To get a baseline on how your site is performing, Google provides a basic and easy-to-use tool that tests your website for free. Google’s PageSpeed Insights allows you to test your website’s performance on both desktop and mobile, then provides a brief analysis of your results. Although PageSpeed In...

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Web Perfectionist 101: HTTP Compression

Jennifer Carlson

HTTP Compression is the topic of this week's Web Perfectionist 101 series episode.  Learn quick fixes in this video guide.  Want to address your HTTP compression? Start your Rigor trial today! Watch below or click here.

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