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One of the main reasons why organizations fail to realize the full potential of their investment in IT teams is misalignment between technical and business objectives. Engineering needs to know explicitly how their work fits in with the business’ broader goals and how they can judge whether what their work has an impact or not. To that end, organizations should identify and track the right key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be leveraged across the entire company. It goes without saying that these KPIs should align with business goals,...

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Optimization for SaaS: Works for Business and DevOps

Melanie Crissey

Within SaaS companies, both DevOps and business teams can benefit from using performance optimization tools. Performance matters - whether you’re managing a marketing website or a web app. In this blog post we’ll: discuss how Optimization fits into workflows for DevOps and business teams, and explore some hypothetical (and slightly hyperbolic) examples of how to use Optimization. Optimization for DevOps Teams Traditionally, engineering teams at software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies have been primarily focused with optimizing d...

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Digitization of IT

Jennifer Carlson

Digitalization: Its Effects on Business and IT As consumers continue to push for the ability to do more of their business online, modern companies are forced to evolve and adapt their business strategies in order to remain relevant. More often than not, these adaptations are much more than simple shifts in marketing direction and product development. In fact, in addition to replacing old, outdated technologies with cutting-edge options, many companies are completely reworking their operating cultures and procedures; they do this in order to cr...

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