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Why API Performance Matters

Victoria Williams

When an API fails and disrupts the performance or user experience on your site this failure reflects on your company. End users and customers likely won’t recognize that a third-party could be at fault. And depending on how critical that API is to a transaction process, this failure could impact your bottom line right away.For example, if a key component of the checkout process on your website is a location-based search and you rely on a third-party API to provide the search by location, when that API doesn’t work correctly then your potent...

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Software as a Service (SaaS) and hosting applications on the cloud have been touted by many as the next logical direction for the development of the Internet. Cloud hosting and SaaS offers many obvious benefits: cost savings, quick start-up and usage, scalability, and greater business accessibility and flexibility to name a few.Yet, businesses and websites should be aware of certain caveats if they should choose to host their application or service on the cloud, as there are definite trade-offs that exist.By using a hosting service on...

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