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Top 10 Blogs of 2016

Victoria Williams

Rigor created a ton of blogs and Web Perfectionist videos in 2016. We focused on a wide range of web performance topics that helped make your sites faster and your processes better. As we kick off 2017, let’s take a moment and review our 10 most popular blogs from last year. MP4 is now the standard format for all online HTML5 video. Although videos are content gold, they can often make your site heavy and slow. In Optimizing MP4 Videos for Fast Streaming, we...

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Synthetic, RUM, and a Brief History of APM

Chapman Lever

Before we dive into the topic of application performance monitoring (APM), it’s important to establish that APM is part of an overall market of products that monitor the performance of software. This market’s beginning revolved around identifying the bottlenecks associated with the various components of an application's infrastructure. There has been an evolution of infrastructure and content over the last 20-23 years of the Web that has contributed greatly to the need for testing a...

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