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APIs 101: How to Monitor SLAs with APIs

Mallory Riggins

Businesses are increasingly relying on APIs to power their applications. So, whether you rely on internal or third party APIs, it is likewise becoming more important than ever that they ensure these APIs are available, functional, and performing as expected.API monitoring gives continuous visibility into how both internally-created and third party  APIs are performing. As such, Rigor’s API Checks can be leveraged to monitor performance related to Service License Agreements (SLAs). In this blog we will dive into how this is done in pract...

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Why API Performance Matters

Victoria Williams

When an API fails and disrupts the performance or user experience on your site this failure reflects on your company. End users and customers likely won’t recognize that a third-party could be at fault. And depending on how critical that API is to a transaction process, this failure could impact your bottom line right away.For example, if a key component of the checkout process on your website is a location-based search and you rely on a third-party API to provide the search by location, when that API doesn’t work correctly then your potent...

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3 Things Your eCommerce Site Needs Now

Stephen Krauska

November holidays tend to get lost and looked over. Brick-and-mortars roll out Christmas decorations while they're selling half-priced Halloween candy just three aisles over. Meanwhile, online retailers are finishing preparations for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Green Monday.The key to being successful this holiday (and all days) is to deliver a great user experience. Great UX is about much more than a pretty website with thoroughly A/B-tested buttons. From shipping speed to site speed, your user’s experience with your eCommerce site i...

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