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There’s the old adage that knowledge is power. We like to think that the same is true of data because it provides insight and can be used as a jumping off point to make informed decisions. Our Optimization product, for instance, is predicated on helping our customers take informed, strategic actions based on the performance data Rigor provides.Within Rigor, users can read data in graphs or dashboards or pull data point-by-point. But what if someone wanted to pull their raw load data out of Rigor? This was the challenge that a customer fa...

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How to Use Request Headers in API Checks

Melanie Crissey

In previous posts we covered why it’s important to monitor APIs and how to monitor and validate data from APIs. In this post we’ll focus on a simple but key feature that helps Rigor users create robust checks for availability, response time, and multi-step processes: Request HeadersWhen we talk about Request Headers, we’re referring to fields passed along in the header sections of HTTP requests. Request Headers can include rules and settings to define how an HTTP transaction should operate. ...

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Announcing the New Rigor API

Roberta Reusch-Lewis

View check statuses and configurations Get data for individual monitoring checks, including response time, percentage uptime, and error counts Create and delete HTTP checksTo get started, check out our public documentation: View API DocumentationYou can start using the API right away if you have a Rigor account....

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