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Why API Performance Matters

Victoria Williams

When an API fails and disrupts the performance or user experience on your site this failure reflects on your company. End users and customers likely won’t recognize that a third-party could be at fault. And depending on how critical that API is to a transaction process, this failure could impact your bottom line right away.For example, if a key component of the checkout process on your website is a location-based search and you rely on a third-party API to provide the search by location, when that API doesn’t work correctly then your potent...

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Powering up Rigor’s Test Check

Billy Hoffman

Today Rigor is launching a new workflow for testing checks that is faster, easier, and more comprehensive. While improving how users can test a check sounds boring and unsexy, it actually provides a ton of value.Why? Simple. Customers get more value out of performance monitoring when they have more comprehensive checks. For example, monitoring the performance of an entire checkout process is often more valuable than just testing a single page. Similarly, monitoring and alerting with different types of thresholds and assertions, such as star...

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As we look forward to 2017, we see signs of continued rapid innovation in the digital landscape. We expect microservices to be a big player in the field.In the past four years, interest in microservices have skyrocketed, as demonstrated above by Google searches on the topic. However, what are microservices? Why are the useful? What are their upsides and downsides? How will they impact any monitoring you might do on your website? This blog post attempts to answer these questions and show how they might affect you as you make plans for the...

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At Rigor, we want to make continuous monitoring of API performance and functionality easy for everyone.Earlier this year, we introduced a new API Check for monitoring API performance and reliability. Then, we wrote and published a free eBook about how to test and monitor APIs at scale. Today, we're launching a set of exciting enhancements for API Check that will expand monitoring possibilities for our users.What's new?Most importantly, API Check is now programmable. We added the ability to augment check steps with JavaScript, so...

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