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We all know that third party content (3PC) can be the source of major performance issues. After all, you are including content you didn't create, transmitted from servers you don't control. On some media sites 3PC content makes up between 40-70% of content, representing megabytes of content not going through any internal optimization processes. In addition to impacting performance, 3PC and advertising networks can expose your visitors to malware, phishing attacks, and other malicious attacks. The CEO of AppNexus, one of the largest online a...

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Monitoring Ads for Digital Publishers

Anthony Ferrari

One of the most discussed topics in the APM space relates to monitoring ads for digital publishers. There are a variety of problems associated with delivering ads online including an ad's visibility, user experience (UX) impact, and how it affects overall web performance. These problems are a result of the complexity of  ad delivery networks combined with the reality that publishers need to serve ads in order to generate revenue for their sites. In many cases, when the performance of the revenue-generating side of the business is overlooked,...

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