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For many online shoppers, a company’s website is the only contact they have with a company. This experience shapes the user’s perception of a business and its products. For eCommerce companies where profit margins are slim, and competition is rife, website design is a critical factor in whether your visitors convert and you earn a sale. So how do you know if your site is meeting the needs and wants of your customers so that they get what they’re looking for and you finalize a sale?To get a baseline fo...

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A/B Critical: Executing Tests to Get Results

Victoria Williams

There’s a reason why your website exists: you want your visitors to purchase the products they see. But, how do you build a site that encourages and incentivizes your users to do this? How do you determine what on your site is working and what isn’t? The way to answer these questions? A/B testing. The goal of A/B testing is to offer you insight on your customers and what they want from your online experience. Not all of your tests will yield insight, and not all of the winning site features you’...

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As the number of people shopping online increases, it’s important that you have a top-notch eCommerce platform that is performant, visually appealing, and delivers the functionality users expect. However, when you sit down to determine how your resources should be used, should you devote your time and money to IT or marketing? Can you balance the needs of both? This article covers actions that have large impacts on your site and how you might allocate your resources between competing demands....

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Performance Impact of A/B Testing

Craig Hyde

A/B split testing is a method of comparing a variety of single-variable test samples to determine which changes will improve response rates. A/B testing is used heavily in web marketing to optimize page design by seeing which design combinations work, and which ones don’t. Using this testing technique, a webmaster can experiment with variations of calls to action, color schemes, wording, forms, layouts, and pricing on their pages to find the optimal configurations that maximize conversions.These tests are executed by...

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