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Our globally connected world means that website traffic can come from anywhere at any time. This heightens the importance of tracking performance metrics across regions, especially when you have a geographically diverse user base.

With a significant expansion into the Latin American market, Rigor recently enhanced our monitoring locations to include Argentina, Chile, Mexico City, as well as an additional U.S. location in Miami. So now you can monitor your users’ digital experience in even more locations.

New Rigor Monitoring Locations

These additional locations augment our existing global network of testing locations. A complete list of Rigor’s current monitoring stations and their IP addresses can be found in our Knowledge Base.

From equipping you to test performance metrics in pre-production to verifying performance for users around the globe, Rigor enables teams to build and deliver fast and reliable digital experiences. If you want continuous visibility into your digital users’ experience, See what you’re missing by signing up for a demo here!

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