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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and while we appreciate any opportunity to consume chocolate, what we really love is our customers! They are the lifeblood of our business and the reason for our success. While flowers and gifts are nice once a year, we know that strong relationships are built through mutual trust on an ongoing basis. This is why we have centered our business around our customers.

Here are four ways we show our customers that they matter to us on a regular basis.

1.Customers First is a Core Value.

At Rigor, we take our Core Values seriously. They fuel our passion, inform our decision making, and guide our business. A Customers First mentality is infused across the Rigor and means that we make every decision with our customers at the forefront.

This is one of the reasons that our product is easy-to-use and our pricing is clear–because we know that it’s important to put the customers first, even in the little things.

2. Our Customers Have an Advocate at the C-Level

Francis Cordon, our Chief Customer Officer, is passionate about making sure that our customers are successful with Rigor. From advocating for features they’d like to see, to leading our Client Success team, he helps us ensure that we are living our Customers First value daily.

Part of Francis’ role is also helping us transform both practices and mindset across all departments. One of his goals is to provide every Rigor user to pull a clear report documenting the ROI from Rigor, so that our customers are able to clearly document their ROI by eliminating outages and improving application performance.

For instance, when we were approached by a customer who had an initiative to improve their load times ahead of Black Friday, we worked side-by-side with them to make fixes to their site. Through this partnership, they were able to see an 11% increase in conversions.

He’s even been named a Customer Success Leader to watch in 2018!

3. We win when our customers win.

Customer wins are a big deal for us because our success isn’t only defined by how many customers we have, but how successful they are with Rigor.

We equip our customers for success from the get-go. From implementation focused on ensuring our customers know how to maximize the value they get from Rigor to support should something go awry, our Client Success Team is dedicated to our customers.

4. Product Features

At legacy companies, investors decide the product roadmap. At Rigor, customer feedback informs our product. For instance, the Rigor Idea Exchange allows users to identify features that they’d like, and upvote the top ideas. Popular new features such as Network Throttling and our Bulk Uploader have their origins in the Idea Exchange, as do some of the features we are working on currently!

What about smaller improvements? We have a pothole initiative that increases usability of our app based on internal and external feedback. Our Engineering team diligently tackles these potholes on a routine basis, which makes Rigor even better.


We think that there has never been a better time to be a customer at Rigor. If your current monitoring vendor is giving you the cold shoulder, it might be time to check out Rigor. Set up a demo below to see for yourself!

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