This week, Inc. Magazine released the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the United States. Rigor was honored to be named in the elite Inc. 500 at the 430th spot. This ranking demonstrates a 10x growth over the past three years, 1,021% to be exact. For comparison, the overall economy grew 6.7% during the same time.

As the CEO of Rigor, I’m immensely proud of this accomplishment. Our team–both past and present–has worked incredibly hard to get us to where we are today. They live out our Core Values on a daily basis, and I firmly believe that our team-wide drive to continuous improvement has been critical in our growth.

We started Rigor at a time when the world was going on a fundamental shift to go be more customer focused. At the same time, the APM space was doubling down on inspecting lines of code and servers in datacenters. We believed it was obvious that when managing a customer’s digital experience, taking a customer-first approach was the best way to go. A few years later, some of the top brands in the world also subscribe to our beliefs, and manage their customers’ digital experiences with Rigor. We wouldn’t be here without our customers, some of which have partnered with us since the beginning.

Rigor seeks to help our customers solve business problems. For hundreds of customers, Rigor is an integral part of their workflow and provides visibility into performance issues, actionable steps to help them improve, and equips them to build a culture of performance. I’m excited to continue to build off of this momentum and provide value for hundreds and thousands of more businesses in the years to come.

As I told my team after we found out about the award, being named to the Inc. 500 is a great recognition for the progress we have made over the past few years, but we are just getting started. I’m looking forward to seeing what more we can achieve over the next three years–and beyond.

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