This week Rigor was honored as a Spring Leader on G2 Crowd. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first and equipping them to solve their business problems with our platform.

We won this award because of reviews from real users who have found value with Rigor. Our Customer Success team, led by our VP of Customer Success, Daniel Marsh, is dedicated to helping our customers find success with Rigor. From implementation to documenting ROI to addressing any support issues, this team is fully committed to our customers.

In light of our award on G2 Crowd, we wanted to share how some of our customers are finding success with Rigor.  

Creating a Culture of Performance

Historically, website performance was seen as the responsibility of the tech side of the business. This is no longer the case. It’s clear that digital experience has ramifications across the business–from conversion rates to meeting customer expectations. As such, business users need to understand how performance KPIs align with business KPIs. At Rigor we are helping our customers create a culture of performance across their business.

For instance, Carnival Cruise Lines is creating a culture of performance by integrating performance testing into their development lifecycle. When marketing or content teams want to roll out updates, they use Optimization to better catch any possible application layer issues such as image sizing and compression. Every landing page that Carnival Cruise Lines’ marketing team releases is scanned through Rigor’s SaaS platform to ensure they are optimized before they ever reach production.

Creating Accountability

A good culture of performance entails creating visibility and accountability into performance. The team at has leveraged Rigor’s Filmstrips feature to show both business and marketing users exactly how new features or content they release affects performance. By enabling these teams to see exactly how the page loads both before and after adding a new design feature to the site, they have created accountability both internally and with third party vendors.

Responding to Defects and Helping Pinpoint Issues

We all agree that it’s best to get ahead of performance issues by testing in pre-production. But, what about if there is a performance defect in production? Kabbage describes Rigor as the “canary in the coal mine” because Rigor helps them identify and respond to performance issues.

The same is true at TicketCity, for whom Rigor’s alerting system was a game changer. They went from frustrating false positives with their previous vendor to a consistently accurate and reliable triaging system with Rigor. It’s a simple feature, but this has made a significant difference in their workflow.

We wrote about how Filmstrips create accountability at; they also help pinpoint defects. Recently, when their team noticed a large increase in load time to one of their pages they were able to identify that marketing had added a new module prompting visitors to signup for our newsletter. This module was ballooning their load time.

By spotting this issue with Filmstrips, the team at was able to work cross-functionally to find a better solution for how to drive people to sign up for their mailing list.

Improving Over Time…Together

To deliver the best digital experience it is essential to recognize that performance isn’t a finishable feature, but rather it is an ongoing priority. Our customers are finding success with Rigor because we help them create a culture of performance, create accountability, and respond to defects.

Other vendors diagnose performance issues in a purely reactive capacity. On the contrary, Rigor continuously collects performance data throughout the development process. By doing so, we are able to proactively identify and solve performance issues for our customers. The result? They can prevent issues from ever impacting their end users. We’d love to show you what sets us apart. If you’re interested in seeing why we were named a Spring Leader on G2 Crowd, book a demo here.