Consumers are always on the lookout for new products and solutions that increase efficiency and streamline time-consuming processes, so every day the tech world is coming up with innovative solutions to improve these daily tasks.

The Digital Experience Management industry faces the same challenge. While there’s a massive ecosystem of performance products and free tools out there aiming to make users lives easier, not all tools are good at everything. Teams often waste time and money trying to integrate separate solutions for each distinct part of the web stack. The ideal solution would be complementary systems that are already deeply integrated. While they might have separate use cases, they are better together and have been built to be together.

Rigor users specifically rely on our combined Monitoring and Optimization suite to baseline performance, improve it in development, and maintain the guardrails needed to help their improved website stay fast. Here are 3 ways our customers achieve this:

Save Time Identifying Performance Defects

Often QA Engineers, developers, and designers waste hours looking through waterfall charts and graphs trying to find the root cause of performance bottlenecks. Rigor Optimization alleviates this process by identifying the cause of the defects and providing step-by-step solutions on how to fix nearly 300 common performance pitfalls.  

Gif of Rigor Optimization
Rigor contains a comprehensive list of performance defects and step-by-step instructions on how to fix them

With the ability to conduct an Optimization audit directly from our Monitoring platform, Rigor customers can quickly correlate a performance degradation to a specific change in site content or design. Historical data allows users to quickly see which items changed, and how they changed, in order to address the issues that matter right away.  This integration saves IT and DevOps teams a large amount of time that can be better spent elsewhere.

Life Cycle Management Approach to Performance

The ideal application of Rigor’s joint solution is to integrate with pre-production. Monitoring establishes your performance baseline while Optimization catches any defects that are added as you iterate on the site before they reach production. Teams can collaborate easier on figuring out where the current performance gaps are, where the focus needs to be, and what needs to be done to ultimately improve user experience.  

Rigor before and after of pre-prod vs production performance
Baseline performance in staging and prevent user experience issues from reaching production

For example, the test on the left is run in Pre-Production. After addressing performance defects with Rigor’s built-in recommendations, users can verify the improvement in pre-prod and feel confident shipping their changes to production. Adding Performance related safety nets and guardrails to your testing strategies is essential to meeting performance goals and developing a culture of performance that can be maintained across teams.

Unified Platform for Cross-departmental Collaboration

Many teams today have multiple solutions they reference for data. Some even use free, ad-hoc tools that run “point in time” tests.  Rigor offers a solution that automates these tests so everyone has one single point of truth.

Development can visualize the performance of the applications they built. QA teams can quickly identify issues and provide fixes to ensure availability for additional cycles. DevOps teams can ensure the groups they support have clear and concise data about how things will perform in production. Marketing teams can be assured all the content they release is not having an adverse effect on user experience.

video of Rigor's monitoring and optimization platform
Easily audit historical and real-time monitoring data for performance defects

All teams have one platform where they can visualize data and take the action they need to make more informed business solutions and make their jobs easier.  


By integrating historical and ongoing monitoring data with proactive recommendations to user experience, performance teams can improve their effectiveness and deliver consistently performant online experiences. Rigor users accomplish this by relying on our two deeply integrated solutions. One of our customers, an $8 Billion telecom company, improved the performance and user experience across the board by following the exact processes described above.

Results one customer saw from using Rigor Monitoring and Optimization

Could your team benefit from an integrated solution to detect performance changes and solve them before they impact users? We want to hear from you!