Today we are excited to launch two new features for Rigor Monitoring to help people quickly analyze and share performance data: an all new Date/Time Picker, and Shareable Links.

All New Date/Time Picker

We have created an all new Date/Time Picker. This is a big improvement over the old approach. The date/time picker was designed specifically to streamline the most useful and common options for our customers.

new date-time picker for Rigor Monitoring

The first big improvement is for selecting custom date ranges. Rigor has always allowed you to select a custom date range when graphing data. Previously, this could be slow since it took multiple clicks: you had to click a drop down, select Custom, and then fill 2 different fields for the From and To, as shown below:

old-picker from Rigor Monitoring

We’ve streamlined our Date/Time picker with always present calendars for From and To, making it much easier and faster to view the data that you care about.

Sharp readers will note another improvement: We called this a redesigned Date/Time picker. That’s because you can now select specific time ranges as well.

time-part-picker for Rigor Monitoring

This enables you to quickly narrow into a specific time range of just a few hours, or even a few minutes, to see how your services were performing. While you could accomplish this before it was a 2 part process of first selecting a date range, and second using the zoom feature of our charts focus on a specific time range.

We have also linked our Uptime, Domain, and Page Performance Reports to the main check history graph. This way, when you select a report for a specific check, we will show you that report using the same time interval you are using to view the main check! This is a simple optimization that makes it faster and easier to quickly get to the deeper insights provided by Rigor’s detailed reports.

Shareable Links

Not only have we made it easier select specific date/time ranges to view your performance data, we have also made it easier to share that with others using our new shareable links feature. Now, when you select different time intervals or zoom into a performance graph, we update the URL to store that information:

monitoring-link-1.0 for Rigor Monitoring

This means that, at any time, you can copy the URL and send it to anyone, and they will see the exact same time interval and performance data that you do! Shareable links make it easy to keep everyone looking at the same data and on the same page when it comes to your critical performance metrics!

Rigor: Powered by Customers

Both of these new features came from the direct result of feedback we get from our customers.

Are you a Rigor user? Do you have ideas on ways we can improve the product? We want to hear from you! There are 2 ways to reach out:

  1. Book a call. Use this super fast and easy Calendar link to schedule a time that works for you to speak directly with Rigor Product Management. Tell us what you like and what we can do better. While we’re on the call we’ll share a sneak peak of some of the new features we’re working on now.
  2. Post on our Rigor Idea Exchange. See what other users are asking for, vote up suggestions, and share your own requests. When Rigor Engineering picks up a feature for development from the Idea Exchange, everyone who submitted or voted on that suggestion’s post will get an email notification, so this is a great way to stay on top of the development progress of the features that matter most to you.