At Rigor our goal is to build performance products that actually help people improve their businesses. After all, the entire reason people want to improve their performance is they really want to improve some business goal such as reducing shopping cart abandonment or increasing conversion rates or time-on-page. We believe the best way to do that is to combine monitoring sites for performance metrics with technology that can analyze sites for specific performance problems, so you know exactly what went wrong and what to do to make your site faster.

This is why we acquired Zoompf last year. Our monitoring tells you how fast you are, how those metrics are changing over time, and alerts you if you got slower. If a site does get slower, we can then analyze that data to determine specifically what performance problem is making your site slow, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to fix it. Behind the scene we did a lot of development work so that, on Day 1 of the acquisition, users could analyze any performance measurement for performance issues with one click. While this was a great first step, the “monitoring” side and “analysis” side felt like 2 very separate products with different UIs.

Today I am happy to announce a brand new UI refresh for Zoompf, Rigor’s performance analysis product, so the interface is more consistent with our performance monitoring product.


This UI improvement is a great extension of the sexy UI update we premiered back in October. On the Zoompf side,
we’ve made a number of changes, some very noticeable and some more subtle, to create a better, more seamless experience between our products for our customers. Things like:

  • Identical navigation elements like the location of settings and account info
  • Consistent login interface
  • Consistent font faces, styles, colors, and sizing
  • Common layouts and padding
  • Unified iconography and graphics
  • Matching terminology and vocabulary
  • Consistent table style

You can see these changes in the following screenshots (click for larger versions).

Login Screen:


Snapshot Statistics:


Data Tables


Customers will now have a better more integrated experience while improving the speed of their sites. While we still have more work ahead unifying the monitoring and analysis web interfaces, I am super excited at our work so far.

Already a Rigor Customer? You can see the new UI changes live by logging in now. If you aren’t a customer, let’s fix that. If you are interested in understanding exactly what’s wrong with your website, then you’ll love Zoompf, Rigor’s performance analysis product. Zoompf can test your entire website and identify over 420 performance defects that are slowing it down. Our continuous monitoring allows you to ensure that nothing changes that hurt your website performance. To learn more about a free trial of Zoompf and other Rigor performance products, contact us today.