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Rigor + Datadog Integrations Provide Customers Full End-to-End Observability into Digital Performance

ATLANTA – October 15, 2018  |  Atlanta-based website performance leader, Rigor, Inc, announced today that it has released two out-of-the-box integrations with Datadog’s monitoring and analytics platform. The integrations ensure that joint customers have end-to-end visibility into digital performance within a single pane of glass.

Digital experience management (DEM) solutions from Rigor provide a window into the end-user experiences delivered across browser and api-driven environments. Using Rigor, website and web application owners can quickly understand the performance impact that application changes and 3rd party services have on their end-users. By integrating with Datadog, Rigor users now have complete observability of digital performance from the end-user experience all the way down to the corresponding web server.

“Rigor’s vision of digital experience management aligns well with Datadog’s view of the modern cloud age”, said Mark Isham, VP of Engineering at Rigor. “We both strive to provide increased visibility of performance throughout the modern enterprise and share a common goal to help companies deliver online experiences with best-in-class performance while allowing for fast and agile delivery.”

Rigor’s metric integration allows Rigor users to proactively push selected digital experience metrics into Datadog in real-time, while the event integration enables alerts and other system events to appear in Datadog’s event stream. These integrations will greatly increase the productivity of joint customers, provide better root-cause analysis of performance issues impacting end-users, and reduce firefighting efforts related to costly downtime.

Integrating Rigor’s digital experience metrics with Datadog’s application and infrastructure monitoring platform provides customers a 360 degree view into their digital businesses.”
— Ilan Rabinovitch, VP of Product Management at Datadog

“Integrating Rigor’s digital experience metrics with Datadog’s application and infrastructure monitoring platform provides customers a 360 degree view into their digital businesses.” said Ilan Rabinovitch, VP of Product Management at Datadog. “With Rigor and Datadog, customers can pinpoint issues impacting the end-users across their technology stack from their application code all the way down to the underlying infrastructure.”

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About Rigor
Rigor is the markets only Digital Experience Lifecycle Management (DELM) solution designed to find, fix and prevent web performance defects to improve the user experiences that drive revenue for the enterprise. Rigor’s cloud-based and on-premise user monitoring and innovative website performance optimization capabilities combine to enable fast and reliable deployment of digital applications and websites that improve agility, efficiency and confidence. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Rigor is trusted by hundreds of enterprise, media, e-commerce, retail and financial organizations to proactively manage their digital performance. Please visit us at or follow us on Twitter: @TeamRigor

About Datadog
Datadog is a monitoring service for hybrid cloud applications, assisting organizations in improving agility, increasing efficiency, and providing end-to-end visibility across the application and organization. These capabilities are provided on a SaaS-based data analytics platform that enables Dev, Ops and other teams to accelerate go-to-market efforts, ensure application uptime, and successfully complete digital transformation initiatives. Since launching in 2010, Datadog has been adopted by more than 8,000 enterprises including companies like Asana, AT&T, Evernote, Samsung, Seamless, and The Washington Post.

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