While monitoring is an important aspect of digital performance management, being proactive throughout the development lifecycle is of much higher value than catching something after it is out in the wild. Put another way, we all want to know about issues that impact our users, but wouldn’t it be better to not have those issues in the first place? As a part of this teams have a need to test things before they even release them, or even to monitor in places that Rigor doesn’t currently have a presence. Enter Rigor’s Private Locations, which allows deployment of Rigor anywhere so you can now find, fix, and prevent web performance defects on any internal web application, in any environment, from anywhere – whether inside or outside of your firewalls.

I need to understand the performance characteristics of new versions of our sites, and how those differ from production, before we deploy. With just a few docker commands, I had a Rigor location up and running in minutes, allowing me to find and fix performance issues while my sites are still in a lower environment, and catch problems before they reach my users.
– Erick Leon – Sr. Performance Architect, Carnival Cruise Lines

Rigor’s Private Locations gives our users the flexibility to find, fix, and prevent performance defects by testing earlier, faster, and more frequently on internal sites or applications since they can safely be deployed behind your firewall. With Private Locations, Rigor also enables customers to test in their pre-production and staging environments, meaning they can test their code before releasing it to the public or even deploy Rigor locations in a place where you have infrastructure and Rigor does not.

At Rigor we do rapid deployments so we have internal monitors running against some of our internal sites and lower environments so we can catch potential performance impacting changes during development before pushing code into production. In the case of the site below, we identified performance degrading change that we made in our staging environment (seen by the jump in the graph below).

Digging in a little bit deeper we can see that from that first jump the changes made in our staging environment had a huge impact on the flows that were being tested.

Here we can see that we have identified an error with some of the code, so we don’t push the changes that we made into production. Instead we run the results through our optimization engine to find and fix any performance impacting defects.

As you can see Rigor identified eleven defects, one of which was critical, to fix before merging the code into our production environment. After fixing the code before we released it, you can see the graph above returned to normal, we pushed the code, and our production site remained performant.

The power and ease of using our own our optimization engine, the world’s largest performance rule-base, to prevent breaking changes in our staging environments gives us a first line of defense, enabling us to be proactive in fixing performance problems before we merge them into our production environment. It even gives us the fixes we need so we can drop them in and move on to the next thing more quickly. Our customers are using this for similar reasons, too:  they also believe that the key to maintaining their performance edge is preventing problems before they happen. 

Internal agents combined with the ease of building synthetics, uptime and API makes it a breeze for larger enterprises to implement internal monitoring in a very cost effective model. 
Danny Baute, SVPInfrastructure & Service Assurance, Ditech Holding Corporation


Easy, Scalable, and Flexible

Not only is this immensely powerful,  it’s simple to set up. In keeping with our customer first value, we designed the process for deploying Private Locations to be as easy as possible. In fact, all it takes is one command line. We also developed our first version in Docker because of it’s flexibility (we’ll be releasing more versions of this soon). Rigor makes this dead simple, so you can focus on making your sites faster, not spend hours installing Rigor’s agents.

Other benefits include scalability. When you need more capacity, it’s just a few steps away to either launch new locations or scale the ones that you have to meet your needs. Rigor’s Private Locations can also be deployed anywhere you have servers (or even just on your laptop).

Private locations are a key component of our “web perfectionist” mission, especially for customers that have internal sites (internal portals, for example), want to reduce fix time and costs by detecting errors before deploying them, or even just setting up a location where a Rigor location doesn’t exist yet.

Want to find out more? We’d love to help you set up your own Private Locations, contact us here.