Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Chrome 67 and evergreen Chrome browser support in Rigor’s Digital Experience Lifecycle Management platform.

What exactly is evergreen browser support? Starting today, Rigor users that select Chrome for their real browser checks will be automatically upgraded to new versions of the browser as they are released by the Chrome team. Rigor is proud to be the first monitoring technology company to offer this truly evergreen browser experience.

Modern browsers are the gateway into the digital world and it is nearly impossible to overstate their importance when measuring the digital experience of an end-user. The web is constantly evolving and modern browsers likewise evolve to support new standards and protocols as they are released. is a great tool to see how browsers become dated over time and to visually show when old standards have been deprecated or how often new standards and functionality are being adopted.

By nearly all estimates, Google’s Chrome browser is the most popular browser for desktop and mobile browsing with greater than 60% market share in each. More importantly, Chrome has become so dominant and its developers are so active in the web standards community that Chrome is often the first to ship compatibility with new web standards. As a result, many leading technology companies work closely with Google to ensure that their sites can take advantage of the latest and greatest features of Chrome.

Rigor is blessed to work with many of these companies and we share their passion for creating a faster web and building better digital experiences for all. These companies leverage Rigor’s platform everyday to (1) get an accurate representation of what their users are experiencing and (2) to identify potential performance optimizations that can improve their website’s speed and overall reliability. To effectively do those two things, they need to measure the impact of cutting-edge web technologies and optimizations. Optimizations that in many cases would only be seen or supported by the most recent Chrome version.

The desire to monitor and test performance with the latest Chrome browser is further amplified by the fact that the majority of Chrome users auto-update their browsers, which in turn means that most Chrome users are always on the latest version.

It isn’t surprising then that many of our customers want to monitor their digital properties with the latest version of Chrome. After digging in we realized that updating our global monitoring network to support each Chrome release would be a particularly daunting task as Chrome launches a new version every 6 weeks. However, after months of work we have successfully implemented a process that will enable us to build, test, and release a new version of Chrome within a couple weeks of its release by Google. Starting today, users creating new Real Browser checks in Rigor will automatically leverage our auto-updating Chrome browser. For existing checks running on Firefox, you can go to the advanced tab of a real browser test and select “Google Chrome” from the dropdown menu. You should see in the user agent the Chrome version running (currently Chrome 67).

As we will be rolling out browser updates consistently in the future, we want to make sure the process is as seamless and transparent as possible. When Rigor rolls out a browser update we will annotate the performance graphs of all Real Browser Checks to let you know about the update. We want to make sure you can quickly identify the exact runs that preceded or followed the release.

We would like to thank our customers for being the driving force behind our innovation as they constantly push the boundaries of what is possible to exceed their end-user’s expectations.