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Web Performance Metrics for Landing Pages

Stephen Krauska

During an implementation call with a client few weeks ago, I was asked “What metrics should we optimize for?” It’s a question I’m asked regularly, so I decided to do some extra research into the subject and resolve it once and for all. From my experience working with customers to understand their performance problems, proven solutions I’ve seen work, and some help from the amazing #webperf hivemind on Twitter,  I came up with some solid answers for both this customer and the readers of Rigor’s blog. Read on below to learn about...

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Each month Rigor sponsors the Atlanta Web Performance Meetup at our home in the Atlanta Tech Village. This event is a chance for attendees to network with other website developers, designers, and system administrators who all want to improve the user experience, lower abandonment rates, and raise conversation rates by making their websites fast. Various web performance meetups have been founded across the country, with the most notable being the NY Web Performance Meetup and the San Francisco and Silicon Valley Web Performance Meetup. Ou...

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API Testing vs. Monitoring

Hanna Woodburn

With the release of our free API Testing product, APITester.com, we have further enhanced our array of solutions designed to help ensure that you are delivering high-quality user experiences quickly and reliably. We’ve already outlined why API performance matters and what aspects of APIs to test, but what is the difference between API testing and monitoring? As with most things, context matters. The use cases for testing and monitoring are different because the objectives are different. The ultimate goal is to verify that your APIs are...

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APIs 101: How to Monitor SLAs with APIs

Mallory Riggins

Businesses are increasingly relying on APIs to power their applications. So, whether you rely on internal or third party APIs, it is likewise becoming more important than ever that they ensure these APIs are available, functional, and performing as expected. API monitoring gives continuous visibility into how both internally-created and third party  APIs are performing. As such, Rigor’s API Checks can be leveraged to monitor performance related to Service License Agreements (SLAs). In this blog we will dive into how this is done in pract...

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Early last week I took advantage of the opportunity to attend the Digital Publishing Summit (DigiPub). The event ran for two days in the pulsing heart of New York City, Times Square. Not only was this my first time spending more time than a passing stroll through the LED-emblazoned district, it was my first chance to learn from the experts about what publishers and content creators are actually worried about and what they are doing to fix it. I was delighted to find out that better understanding their users was core to many of the solutions...

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For many online shoppers, a company’s website is the only contact they have with a company. This experience shapes the user’s perception of a business and its products. For eCommerce companies where profit margins are slim, and competition is rife, website design is a critical factor in whether your visitors convert and you earn a sale. So how do you know if your site is meeting the needs and wants of your customers so that they get what they’re looking for and you finalize a sale? To get a baseline fo...

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The Future of APIs

Victoria Williams

Application Programming Interfaces, known colloquially as APIs, are simply mechanisms that enable communication between two or more pieces of software. More specifically, they are a collection of rules that govern who may access the information it holds, as well as what information that person may access (if any). Up until recently, the only way that software developers interacted with APIs was via commands issued to the API. However, as with everything else in the technology field, APIs are evolving, and not only will we see developers inte...

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