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Optimizing for Global Traffic

Chapman Lever

We're in the midst of the 2016 Olympic games and all eyes are on Rio. That means lot of visitors from around the world are hitting the Rio 2016 official website this summer for scores, highlights, schedules, and real-time updates.In this week's Web Perfectionist 101 video, Billy Hoffman takes a look at rio2016.com and weighs in on what it does right and where there is room for improvement. In this video Billy covers:CDN Management Far-Future Caching Javascript Minification Lossy and Lossless Media OptimizationDoes the R...

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Web Perfectionist 101: CDNs

Jennifer Carlson

Learn about the value that CDNs may have for your site in this week's Web Perfectionist 101: CDNs.  Find out how Rigor can help you to make the most of your CDNs by signing up for a free trial of Rigor. ...

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Learn about 1st vs 3rd party content in this animated explainer video.  1st vs 3rd party differentiation is vital to understanding the impact of internal versus external content on your site. This understanding can help you to make better-informed business decisions. Interested in monitoring 3rd parties on your site? Rigor helps digital companies monitor 3rd party content providers to ensure that site performance remains high while hosting valuable 3rd party content.  Learn about the impact of external content on your site today. ...

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In this episode of Web Perfectionist 101, Rigor's Billy Hoffman deep dives Lossy Conversion for GIFs.  He focuses on BuzzFeed to identify changes for huge impact on user experience and web performance.  Learn quick fixes in this video guide.  Interested in improving your web performance optimizations? Try Rigor now....

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