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More than ever, APIs and microservices are the driving forces behind modern web applications. From connecting multiple social media platforms – for example, posting from Instagram to Facebook or Twitter – to connecting sets of data – such as, pinning our location on a map so we can check-in on social or hail a ride, APIs are essential to web applications of all stripes. Your users depend on you to deliver timely, useful content. It is likely you also rely on APIs performing and returning data correctly, quickly, securely, and reliably....

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Yesterday, Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) S3 web-based storage service suffered a several-hours-long outage that led to half of the Internet melting down (with the other half Googling “what is s3”). While AWS isn’t as commonly-known as Amazon’s shopping site, its popularity became evident yesterday when the Internet became difficult for people to use--not only were sites unavailable, many services (like Slack and Trello) were affected and users of IoT devices were left sitting in the dark. ...

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Q&A with Rigor’s New VP of Sales Pete Mansel

Victoria Williams

Pete Mansel is one of the newest Rigor team members. He brings more than 20 years of sales experience and is taking Rigor to higher heights. To learn more about Pete, take a look at the following questions and answers. Pete Mansel, VP of Sales Throughout our discussion, I could feel the energy, passion and excitement during each interaction with members of the cross-functional teams.  Everyone seemed to be operating with a sense of urgency, a leading indicator on the type of company I was looking...

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Today we are excited to announce 5 new locations to our global monitoring network, including our first locations ever in India and in Canada! The new monitoring locations are: Mumbai, Montreal, Italy, The Netherlands, and Ohio. In the last 8 months, Rigor has nearly doubled the number of testing locations in our monitoring network. In today's highly connected world, website traffic can come from anywhere at any time. With these new global locations, Rigor enables website owners to track critical performance metrics from regions ar...

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What is Rigor most thankful for? Our clients. Here are a few reasons why: On-site client visits are our favorite things. It’s energizing; it’s a personal connection, and we learn new things every time...

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Announcing New API Checks

Billy Hoffman

Today we are excited to announce a new addition to Rigor Monitoring: our new API Check. Rigor Monitoring is already the premier synthetic monitoring app allowing us to capture, trend, and alert on performance data proactively, 24/7. With our new API Check, Rigor extends those capabilities into the world of first and third party APIs. API Check allows us to monitor and alert on key aspects of an API endpoint, or a flow of API calls that represents an action critical to a business. For example, we can: Track the availability of critic...

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Presenting Rigor Monitoring & Optimization

Chapman Lever

Today we are excited to release our two newly branded and integrated products as part of our digital performance management platform: Rigor Monitoring and Rigor Optimization. Each of these products cover a different aspect of the performance improvement lifecycle: Rigor Monitoring captures, trends, and alerts on performance data collected proactively 24/7 from around the world. Rigor Optimization programmatically analyzes performance data to identify, prioritize, and optimize content that is negatively impacting performance. Read More