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Accurately Measure Your UX with Chrome

Billy Hoffman

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. This is why we believe that monitoring the experience of the end user should be the top priority. To properly monitor and forecast a site’s performance and your user's experience, you need to ensure you measure your site the way your users actually experience the site. Accurately assessing your user’s performance is important; this is why we rolled out Network Throttling late last year. We are excited to continue that trend today and announce that Rigor supports real Chrome browsers for both...

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New Feature: Comparison Reports by Rigor

Hanna Woodburn

Collecting performance data is important for baselining, establishing performance budgets, and measuring performance KPIs over time. These metrics are a valuable component of improving your web performance, but in isolation, metrics can only give part of your performance picture. Combining and comparing metrics, on the other hand, can provide a more robust image. With the rollout of comparison reports, Rigor now enables customers to select and compare tests. This means that our customers can now baseline performance with more filters and hom...

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Product Update: Notifications Improvements

Douglas Moski

We all know that performance defects can greatly hamper your user’s experience. While it’s better to catch performance defects before they are released live into production, this doesn’t always happen. When a performance issue is live, it’s important for the right people on your team to know as quickly as possible, so they can get to work fixing it. Monitoring notifications are crucial to responding to performance defects, because no one likes false alarms, especially in the middle of the night. At the same time, too few notification...

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New Datadog Alert Integration

Chapman Lever

One of the most popular customer requests in Rigor's Idea Exchange is tighter integration between our alerts and third-party services. To help facilitate this, we introduced Alert Webhooks in 2015, which allow you to notify an API endpoint when a Rigor check fails. This is a critical feature, since organizations need to react quickly to problems in production, and the best way to ensure someone sees an issue is to push those alerts and notifications into the systems or workflows a customer uses. With our custom Alert Webhooks, you have a...

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Our globally connected world means that website traffic can come from anywhere at any time. This heightens the importance of tracking performance metrics across regions, especially when you have a geographically diverse user base. With a significant expansion into the Latin American market, Rigor recently enhanced our monitoring locations to include Argentina, Chile, Mexico City, as well as an additional U.S. location in Miami. So now you can monitor your users’ digital experience in even more locations. These additional locations...

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Over the last months and years, mobile web usage has increased dramatically. In November 2016, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop usage for the first time, and this trend has only continued. You may have embraced mobile users by taking steps to improve their experience, such as optimizing images, caching resources, or adopting a responsive website design. These are important steps to take, but does your monitoring strategy take into consideration the unique challenges mobile users face. Desktop users and mobile users have different...

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Monitoring your sites for key performance metrics like Page Load or Visually Complete is important, because it helps uncover errors, outages, and critical defects. When performance degrades, you have to figure out why. While reading a waterfall diagram can help provide insight into what the browser was doing, you are still trying to reconstruct what the user experienced by looking at a timeline showing when a browser requested and received content. This is kind of like trying to experience a Broadway musical by only reading the sheet music. To...

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