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APIs are the unsung heroes of the modern web. We use them to post between social networks and pull data into our native apps. We use them to build reports, and sometimes we even build entire businesses on top of open APIs hosted by other businesses. APIs are the messengers that help us share data across the web, but they create a lot of interdependence. So, what happens when an API doesn’t work as expected?

In APIs in Action: A Guide to Monitoring APIs for Performance you’ll learn about how APIs work and how to make sure they’re working as expected for end-users across the globe. In this downloadable eBook you’ll find:

  • A breakdown of key features to look for in API monitoring solutions
  • Ideas for monitoring whether APIs are meeting SLAs
  • Definitions and references for technical terms, so that you can “speak APIs” with your friends
  • Illustrations of the importance of monitoring APIs, so that you can make a business case to your team

Use the form below to download your copy of APIs in Action or follow this link to read the eBook online.

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